Cutting Edge Fireworks is a bulk container fireworks brand that delivers a powerful line of innovative products every year!

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Why Buy Cutting Edge Fireworks?

Wholesale Fireworks Container

Maximize your profits – drop ship container program can reduce product cost by 30%
Premium Quality fireworks delivered direct to your door
Create your own fireworks and/or labeling


  • Pop A Bang

    Red gold glitter, red green lemon blue glitter, green golden glitter, purple lemon blue orange glitter.

  • American Spirit

    Colorful fish with silver pine, blue torch with iron flowers - red torch with silver fountain...

  • American Fury

    Mine to red green glitter, blue peony mine, blue gold glitter, silver chrysanthemum mine to silver chyrsanthemum.

  • Mafia

    Red blue sparkler with golden glitter, green purple sparkler with golden glitter...

  • Aloha Time

    Red green yellow blue purple silver fish

  • Ninja

    Color fish to blue sparkler orange sparkler, white flower, green and blue sparkler with crackling...

  • Wings Of Freedom

    Red lemon green glitter, purple green white glitter, blue star white flitter red falling leaves..

  • Warning Avalanche Ahead

    Red tail to blue red dahlia, green tail to purple sparkler, lemon and green sparkler...

  • Sharks

    Silver green blue mine, golden glitter, silver green blue red glitter, silver green purple yellow glitter.

  • Total Seduction

    Time rain mine, silver glitter red falling leaves, white glitter, red blue silver fish...