Cutting Edge Big Buyer


Hello, Big Buyer here. Yeah yeah yeah – I know you don’t know me just yet – but you will! I’m here to let you in on a little secret, kid. There’s a new club in fireworks town and it’s called the Cutting Edge BIG BUYERS CLUB. It’s exclusive to serious fireworks buyers. You’ve got a growing fireworks business and it makes sense to purchase the fireworks directly from China, am I right? Let me tell you why you should join the Cutting Edge Big Buyer’s Club. PAY ATTENTION!


  1. Quality Product

An up-and-coming brand in its seventh year of existence, Cutting Edge is making a name for itself due to its quality and consistent performance. Cutting Edge is a brand that was developed as a bulk container offering of Jake’s Fireworks - an industry leader for over 80 years. Cutting Edge has benefitted from Jake’s superior and innovative product development and expertise and is proud to offer bulk containers as a part of Jake’s Fireworks import program. 


  1. Innovative Label Design

You will know a Cutting Edge product when you see it because it will have the most eye-catching label on the shelf! The Cutting Edge designers are true artists and create bold, attention-grabbing packaging that make the product easy to sell to your retail customers. They can even create custom labels!  


  1. Buy Direct from the Chinese Manufacturer

As your fireworks business grows, it only makes sense to purchase fireworks directly from the manufacturer. When you place an order through Cutting Edge Fireworks, you will pay your bill directly to the manufacturer in China at the daily exchange rate for the Chinese Yuan (RMB) upon shipment.


  1. Full Containers Shipped Directly to You

In the second year of production, Cutting Edge produced and shipped more than 60,000 cases. Since then, the brand has continued to prosper and offers an easy ordering and shipping process - The fireworks containers are shipped as they’re completed or held until the customer is ready for them to be shipped.


  1. Superior Customer Service

Cutting Edge has a dedicated sales team on hand to help you every step of the way. They take pride in watching your fireworks business succeed. The first step in becoming a BIG BUYER is to get connected with a sales person. Give Cutting Edge a call or set up an account to get started. You in?