2021 New Product Videos are HERE!

We are very excited about the new products we have added to the Cutting Edge Fireworks line this year.  The videos are now uploaded on the product pages and also can be found on our YouTube channel. 

CE Fireworks YouTube Channel - Click Here


The new 2021 Product Line is full of great fireworks.  We have selected a few of our favorites to highlight:

Jim Dandy - Part Fountain Part Aerial Cake - this firework is hard to put into a category.  It starts like a big beautiful fountain and finshes with a a couple multi-shot bursts of aerial awesomeness. 

Viper - If you are looking for something to get everyones attention, look no further than Viper.  It's a 500g Finale Cake that will blow you away with a super bright neon orange performance. 

Wacky Cottage - I have always been a sucker for a spinning fountain, this one is no exception.  Great spinning performance and halfway through the house splits open for more spinning greatness.  Truly fun to watch. 

Be sure to check out all the other new fireworks in our line up this season.  It's a great group that we know your customers will love and keep them coming back. 

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