Top Fireworks of 2019

Our pre-season prediction for the best fireworks of 2019 are based on the new product line up and initial customer feedback.  Take a look at all the new Cutting Edge Fireworks and see if you agree with us. 

Jungle: Jungle - top fireworks of 2019Big 500g fan cake that spreads tons of gold with highlight of colors wide across the horizon.  Packed 2/1, Jungle is a big shelf presence that gets a customers attention. 



Black Magic: 500g fountain - Provides a giant performance starting with vibrant colors then mixing with crackling chrysanthemums, and adding in laser effects for a mega finish. 



caged animal top fireworks 2019Caged Animal: 500g finale cake - 21 powerful shots featuring colorful peonies mixed with crackling chrysanthemums and falling leaves.  Creates a great visual for the spectators.  If you like this one check out Wicked Magic as well.




bullet proof - top fireworks 2019Bullet Proof: 500g finale cake - Do you love huge breaks?  We do!  This firework features 12 huge shots that cover the sky with brocade crown effects complimented with white, red, and green glitter. 




Skull Force: 200g cake - 41 action packed shots in this small package (packed 12/1)  Lots of color and tons of action in these effect combinations.  Customers will appreciate the value of this 200g cake that shoots like a 500g finale. 




There you have it - our top picks for the best fireworks of 2019.  Make sure to pick these up at your local fireworks store.  If they do not carry Cutting Edge products, have them give us a call so we can help fix that!