How Much Does A Container Of Fireworks Cost?

Many firework retailers ask about the cost of a container of fireworks drop shipped directly to them versus the same quantity through standard distribution.  The cost of a container varies depending on the mix of products you select.  The typical range is $42,000 - $50,000. 

Private Label Fireworks

Would you love to create your own private label of fireworks?  How about designing a firework from your imagination?  Ever looked at a firework assortment and thought that you could create amazing assortments for your customers?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Cutting Edge fireworks may be a good fit for your business.  We offer all of these services with a minimum case quantity of 250 cases per order.  

Updated CE Demo Dates

South Carolina Shoot Off will be October 2nd at the Aiken, SC Fairgrounds.  Call Josh or Amy for details 803-295-5670
Washington Shoot Off will be September 30th at the Ocean Shores Municipal Airport.  Call Brenda for details 360-785-0859
Come out to see the new 2018 Cutting Edge product line and much more.  Each event will have a dinner followed by a fireworks demo.  

Cutting Edge Product Demo and Dinner - Aug 29th, 2017

Join us August 29th for the Cutting Edge Shoot Off where we will demo the 2018 Cutting Edge products and many more.  The doors will open at 5 PM with Dinner at 6 PM and fireworks starting at dusk.  

Wholesale Fireworks Logistics When Importing Containers

Cutting Edge maintains a high quality in our products by adhering to a meticulous process of the highest integrity. This is also how we make your experience seamless. We take care of the details like freight, duties, testing, insurance, and other headache-inducing paperwork from various agencies.  

Quality Matters In Fireworks

Besides the marked-up cost of standard distribution, the number of times a firework is transported before reaching your store greatly increases the likelihood for mishandling and damage to occur. Standard distribution importers accept this fact, when thousands of pallets are being swapped between different trucks and warehouses, accidents are bound to happen.

Less shuffling around from warehouse to warehouse greatly decreases the chance for your fireworks to end up damaged by the time you receive them. Less handling means less duds and product misfires for your customers.  

How To Reduce Costs When Selling Fireworks?

When you order wholesale fireworks from a traditional firework wholesaler, they will collect up your requested fireworks from various pallets in their warehouse and assemble them onto a new pallet which then gets shipped off to you. Not so bad sounding, right? Unfortunately, in this case, “the devil is in the details.”


The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived. You invested a great deal of time, money, and effort into this firework business. You went through piles of paperwork and “red tape” so that everything was in order. As you wait for your shipment of fireworks to be unloaded from the back of the semi-truck, you begin to worry. Does the shipment contain what you ordered? Were the fireworks damaged during their long trips from warehouse to warehouse?