Pharaoh's Secret

Case Pack: 

Carton with 6 assorted 200g fountains

  • Tawaret - red, blue, yellow spring fountain, yellow diamond, red green blue yellow diamond with Titanium
  • Bast - spring; diamond; diamond with Ti-crackling.
  • Horus - 1.Ti -iron flower;2-3.golden hydrangea;4.golden crackling with blue stars
  • Sekhmet - 1.Ti -spring and gingko;2-3.white cherry flower with green andĀ  purple fish ;4. crackling chrys. with green and purpleĀ  stars.
  • Osiris - Ti-rain and laser with red and green stars;2.snowfall with red and green stars;3.crackling chrys.with red and green stars.
  • Anubis - 1.heavy snowfall with color stars;2.crackling chrys.with color star.