Cutting Edge Fireworks - Top 10 500g Cakes

















Cutting Edge​ Fireworks has many products to choose from! To make your shopping experience easier, here’s a countdown of the top ten 500 gram cakes.




10: Big Bomb



  Features twenty-six shots; colors include green, blue and purple!

  New this year, Big Bomb displays many colorful sparkler mine bursts!




9: Dark Knight



  Features thirty-six shots! Colors include red, green, and white!

  Thirty-six beautiful bursts will light up any dark night!




8: Melting Stars


  Features thirty shots! Colors include red, green, silver and white!

  This one might trick you into thinking the stars are actually melting! Don’t worry, the effects are just THAT good!




7: Time Memory




  Features twelve shots! Colors include red, blue, purple, and silver!

  You’ll remember this one for a long time! All the different colors and effects will be burned into your memory!





6: Evil Eye


  Features an astounding 115 shots! Colors include gold, purple, red, blue, silver and more!

  Keep your eye on this one. The effects change fast, and you don’t want to miss any of it!



5: Top Secret


  Features thirty-six shots! Colors include white, blue, red, purple and green!

  Another new product this year! Even though it’s a secret, you should still tell everyone about it!




4: High Number Wins



   Twelve shots! Gold, red, purple, silver and green!

   Brocade crowns and golden willows- these effects are fit for a king!




2: Net Warrior


  Features a remarkable 132 shots! Colors include red, white and blue!

  A whopping 132 shots, Net Warrior puts on a big show in a short time! This is not one to miss!



2: Boy of Summer


  Features twenty-five shots! Red, white, green, yellow and purple!

  Summer won’t be complete without Boy of Summer! Colorful glittering effects will complete the season!




1: American Fury


  Features twenty-five shots! Colors include red, green, blue, gold, and silver!

  Get a good view of this one, you’re sure to be furious if you miss it!